NGMN Publishes Cloud Native Manifesto for Telecom Operators

The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance (NGMN) has released a Cloud Native Manifesto that outlines the key principles and requirements for cloud-native telecom from an operator’s perspective. This manifesto, based on insights from NGMN’s telco members, including BT, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, and Vodafone, aims to accelerate the adoption of cloud-native solutions in mobile networks. The document provides a set of prioritized calls to action, highlighting the need to address issues that hinder the scale deployment of cloud-native network workloads.

According to the NGMN board, certain cloud-native principles must be applied to all layers of network infrastructure, applications, and services. These principles include decoupling infrastructure and application lifecycles, prioritizing API-first approaches, leveraging automation, adopting GitOps principles, and ensuring interoperability through well-defined certification processes. By following these principles, operators can build platforms and systems that can support the adoption of advanced technologies like AI and enable true autonomous networks.

Despite the progress made in recent years, many network operators are still in the early stages of implementing their cloud-native strategies. The NGMN manifesto, along with other collaborative initiatives like the DSP Leaders World Forum session, aims to provide the necessary guidance and resources for operators to accelerate their cloud-native transformation. NGMN plans to leverage the insights from the manifesto to develop operating model blueprints for disaggregated networks through its operating disaggregated networks (ODiN) project team.

NGMN Alliance CEO Anita Doehler stated that they are focused on collaboration to address the industry’s challenges and unlock opportunities. She believes that the manifesto, along with the ODiN project, provides a solid foundation for the industry to adopt cloud-native technologies at a faster pace.

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