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Install Satellite Internet Connection
I want to request for a quotation to purchase, install and connect on my home island on the North of Fiji
Remote Island Internet
I'm exploring the possibility of living in Rabi island Fiji with family for a while but need to be able to stay connected for work. I have visited Rabi island before and had a lot of trouble getting any kind of reliable internet. I saw from this site ( that you have an offering for Fiji at 10mb up and down. If that is around 85% reliability then It would probably work just fine for what I need. Is this something that could work in Rabi island and how much would Businesscom Networks cost including installation?
Satellite internet fiji
Hello, I am interested in Satellite internet coverage in fiji
What will it cost for TS2 SPACE internet in Beachcomber Island, FIji?
Internet Costs
Can you please send me costs for TS2 SPACE internet per bandwith/per annum.
Webaite Domain
We want to create our gospel network regarding to our country code.
Satellite Plans for Small Business in Suva, Fiji
Inquiring about plans of at least TS2 SPACE 10+ mbps download and upload speeds for 22 people in Suva. Just general information is all I'm interested in for now.
Available options and cost for residential service
We have a home in fiji and poor unstable internet. We are looking for possible TS2 SPACE solutions
Need internet
Hello, We require business SpaceX internet for Wyndham Hotel Fiji. Can someone please contact me to discuss further. Regards,
satellite providers for TV and internet
I will be moving Savusavu in two months and will need to have wifi, internet and satellite tv at my home. Is that something that Kidanet (Fintel) offer in that area?
High speed internet 100 Mbit/s Satellite & VSAT
After quote and subscription to have high speed internet at home in Fiji - Looking at 100 Mbit/s. What is the data cap or options too please.
Internet service
Need to Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN
Satellite Internet
We will be conducting a National Survey in 2017 using Internet service and most of our island are without network coverage, we would like to use satellite Internet on this situation.
Internet services
Internet services
Wireless connection
Satellite link
Hi there Kidanet (Fintel), we are looking for someone who can provide us satellite link for internet. Can you please let me know about this, regards and thanks, Sidhi
Satellite Internet Link
Hi There We are looking for someone who can provide internet satellite link to Fiji. Can you please let us know if this is possible. We want some very fast internet so that it can handle large documents. Awaiting to hear from you so
Satellite Broadband for remote site in Fiji
I am looking for a TS2 SPACE satellite broadband service for a remote hydroponic farm in Fiji. i would like to know costs and availability. Regards Michael
Satellite Internet
Hi I would like to know what it would cost me to have a TS2 SPACE satellite internet service in Fiji on the island of Beqa. There is Vodafone available there but very slow and expensive.
Needing fast internet on Matuku Island
I'm wanting to know the pricing for fast, high-speed TS2 SPACE internet access on Matuku Island
4Mbps Symetrical Internet Connection
Dear Sir, In this inquiry, we just want to gather information regarding satellite internet and the charges related with it. We would like to know how much it would be to have a satellite internet installed in the island of Kiribati, with a connection speed of 4Mbps symmetrical. Can you please confirm if your service can reach this location and if it does, please can you provide a costs; 1. Equipent 2. Installation 3. Monthy rentals. Look forward to your kind response. With thanks. Viliame
internet connection
I need internet connection in Fiji for one month period (August 2015) for my phone and laptop. I had been there and the internet access in not reliable. Please, let me know if you have a reliable service there and at how much cost. Best, Matias Samarino
Hi I want to be a separate internet service provider in Fiji. Please give further details


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