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Jamaica’s telecom sector has widely propped up the mobile sector that accounts for most of the internet connections and dominant share of the sector revenue. Well, the merger that is between the Digicel and the Claro’s Jamaican business in the year 2012 enhanced the Digicel position in this market. Both the Digicel as well as its closest rival by the name Flow that is supported by the new owner by the name Liberty Global, have been able to extend the LTE networks across this island, hence offering the coverage to close to the 90% of the population by the end of the year 2018.

The Digicel was able to sign the sale and the leaseback arrangement affecting the number of the base stations and got to launch it the MyCash, the m-money service while the Liberty Global is in process of taking the complete of the local unit, hence trading under Flow Jamaica banner.

The regulator has been able to grow the MVNO sector in the bid to be able to improve the competition. Despite it they are having the intention to be able to license up to twelve operators, with the only license having been issued, to the Symbiote investments, despite this being revoked in mid 2018 after licensee failed to have any progress in the launching of the service, getting compounded by the involvement in the bribery scandal.

The report contains the overviews, statistics, and analyses of the Jamaican fixed line, the mobile broadband markets combined with the information on, the convergence issues and on country’s fixed-line incumbent as well as the majority operators.

Some of the key developments in this report include:

- The report update does include regulator’s the yearly report for 2017, with the market updates to the Q2 2018, the operator data to the Q3 2018, the ITU’s market data, the recent market developments.
- The Digicel launched the MyCash m-banking service.
- IXP opened to enhance the domestic internet traffic flow as well as being able to reduce the costs.
- The regulator got to revoke Symbiote’s mobile license.
- The government gets to set up the Quality of service platform to be able to incorporate the fixed, internet and mobile services.
- Liberty Global is seeking for the complete ownership of the C&W Jamaica.
- East to West cable between Jamaica, British Virgin Islands as well as Dominican Republic gets to augment capacity for the data as well as the telephony services.
- Ericson finishes network upgrade for the Flow Jamaica.

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