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Satellite Phones request
Hello Sirs, We are looking to purchase satellite phones that have internet in Lebanon. We want to check if there is any local provider since there are a lot of legal restrictions on importing them.
Vsat internet packages
Hi Dears, Hope all is good, Kindly I need to know the current available packages for Businesscom Networks vsat internet available in Lebanon. Thank you, Jean
طلب تركيب انترنت فضائي
اود الاستفسار عن جميع خدمات الانترنت المتوفرة على الاراضي اللبنانية
Internet Satellite Provider in Lebanon
Dear, I am interested in exploring YahClick TS2 Satellite Internet service. Do you have local supplier/reseller in Lebanon? please supply me with contact details
Internet VSAT service
I am seeking an MADA Internet VSAT service as a backup for local ISP. what are the options that you can provide? Thank you, Ed
انترنت فضائي
عزيزي، عزيزتي. انا اسكن في منطقة جبل لبنان. في منطقة يصعب وصول الانترنت إليها. هل من الممكن ان استخدام الانترنت الفضائي لتزويدي ب الخدمة؟ كم التكلفة ل كل واحد ميغا بايت؟ وكم التكلفة ل كل ٥١٢ كيلو بايت؟ وغيرها من الحزم؟ وكيف يتم التحويل كل شهر ؟ عن طري تحويل بنكي هل من الممكن تحويل ب ماستر كارد ؟ وشكرا سلفا
Dears, Hope this email finds you well , Preferred Telemedia own Ranges of numbers from different countries for VAS, Kindly advice what is the procedure to make interconnection for transit and start terminate the traffic from origination's to our servers? We will market these ranges in order to generate traffic. Regards,
Internet over Satellite
Dear Sir, I have an ISP and am looking for an alternative and backup solution for the fiber I need TS2 SPACE 100Mbps up and down unlimited can you help please
اريد نت فضائي كم سعره وكم تكلفه الشهريه
اريد نت فضائي متنقل كم سعره وكم قيمه الاشتراك الشهري تنويه انا جدي وايد الشراء يرجى الرد YahClick TS2
Subscribe to your services
Hello, I want to subscribe for TS2 SPACE 100 mbps internet. Where could I buy the satellite and pay for the services. How much it costs for unlimited or more than 150 g. Please reply soon
Internet prices list
الموضوع الحصول على انترنت سرعه عاليه
انا مشترك في انترنت دي اس ال السرعه غير جيده اطلاقا اود الحصول على طريفه لاسلكيه للانترنت وشكرا
i need YahClick TS2 internet access for working and gaming as well.. for only 1 PC
Internet via satellite
Please provide me with the services TS2 SPACE have for lebanon and how to contact you online or via emails Thank you
Competitive SMS rates Worldwide OSN
Dear Sir/Madame, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce our company “OSN TELECOM OFFSHORE” that has been in the SMS SERVICE BUSINESS for the past 10 years and which covers more than 800 operator worldwide. OSN TELECOM OFFSHORE provides “SMPP connection, HTTP connection, User Interface, Reseller Interface” used fresh to help our client market his/her products/services in single click. Bearing in mind that we are specialized in sending bulk messages by using our mobile database which has more than 40,000,000 mobile number classified into “Gender, Nationality and Location”, at a very competitive price, worldwide coverage. In addition please note that we have direct agreements with the operators in GCC area “Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Lebanon”. I do hope that the above information will help you gain a clear idea of what we can offer, and that we can become a recognized agent for your organization. Consequently, if you are interested, please feel free to keep in touch with us about any of your business related requirements and rest assure that our team will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and will answer to all your queries within 24 hours. We would like to have a cordial relationship between both companies as we are sure that the partnership between our two organizations will lead our business to a new stage. Looking forward to hear from you. Sincerely, Mariana Abou Ismail Account Specialist. Lebanon, Beirut Mob: +961 70 007 553 Skype: d41c597105f87533 | Linkedin Our Branches: United Kingdom I Philippines I Turkey I Moscow I Qatar I Iraq I Saudi Arabia I Oman I Lebanon .
Satellite requirements
To whom it may concern, I need a satellite in Lebanon that can provuce 60Mbps download and 20Mbps upload
Price and info
Hi if i want to get internet from TS2 SPACE im from lebanon how mucch costs and info first time use satalite int
TS2 SPACE - Internet connections over Thuraya XT
dedicated internet
i want to know the TS2 SPACE price /mb and my quotation is 30mb download
Hello I need account 20 M Form sky dsl How price please
fixed internet home
I need to connect for my home a TS2 SPACE satellite internet please provide options and installation fees thank you
Dears, I need to know please the cost of Ooredoo 4M DIA for an office located in Qatar. Awaiting your soonest reply. Regards, Rabih
Internet service request
Greetings, I hope the year has started off positively. I am contacting you from South Lebanon as an Internet service provider. I currently am working with approximately 100 customers in the area. This email is regarding a request of the possibility of getting usernames or a bandwidth, also the minimum amount of the bandwidth. Referring to the bandwidth’s speed, I would like to be around 2bps - 8bps for both uploading and downloading. If this is possible please contact me on this email. Regards, Hussein Jaafar Internet Service Provider Tyre- Lebanon
اترنت للموبال عبر الاقمار الاصطناعية والتكلفة للباقة اذا امكن
السلام عليكم اعاني من مشكلة في الانترنيت عبر شبكة الالفا والمتس لسوء التغطية حيث ان معظم عملي وطبيعته في مناطق خارج التغطية لذا اتوجه لجانبكم بسؤالي هذاهل يمكني الاتصال بالانترنيت عبر الاقمار الاصطناعية وكم تبلغ قيمة الاشتلراك الشهري لباقة 1جيجا
internet service
i am an internet service provider and i need TS2 SPACE 100mbps over satellite , give me your best offer please.
internet service
TS2 SPACE internet service provider , i need 100mbps
Hey, Im wondering if TS2 SPACE do internet in Ramiyeh? Its a small village in south Lebanon.
internet in lebanon
i want information about highest TS2 SPACE vsat connections available in lebanon
Internet Access
Hi, please inform me about the TS2 SPACE internet plans available and prices.
Installation and connection
Hello, is it legal to connect with TS2 SPACE with the 100mbits speed vast in beirut and in another place. And you have a dealer? How much it would cost. Personal.
Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network
I'm looking for a Businesscom Networks service giving me a good internet speed (5-20 Download) and (2.5-10 Upload) with a good price. your fast reply will be appreciated because I'm in Lebanon for a few days. Best regards, Salman
need a qotation
Hello I Have a wireless network in Al Shouf area plz contact
dear all am a local internet provider i have over 200 clients and i would like to buy internet packages can you help me with an inquiry ? i have already all the equipment but i dont know if i need to install your hardware or mine can work?
Inzernet packages
Pls provide me with TS2 SPACE pckages available in Lebanon
Sufficient Internet Accessibility Needed
I moved to Lebanon (Tripoli) this week to start a new job. Most of the places I have visited have slow wifi connectivity; even houses of friends here in Tripoli, Lebanon. I study online masters and I need good connectivity speed to access the platform and watch the courses videos. I’d need either installed to my house or portable with me. What solutions do TS2 SPACE provide for my situation as an end-user?
i need some info
Hi I want to know the cost per month for one way sat internet and how is the payment method
Plz i want to ask abou TS2 SPACE 15Mb/s up and down To lebanon. What is the monthly cost? Thank u.
home internet via satelite
dear can i have a quotation for a home internet via satelite in beirut Lebanon? best regards
mobile internet
whats ur highest speed
Request of list of prices a High speed satellite internet connection
I would like to know how much TS2 SPACE costs me if I would like to install a satellite internet connection in my office in Lebanon, with a speed of 100Mb/100Mb, unlimited usage and up to 50 users everyday.
internet connection
Do TS2 SPACE provide service for individuals. If yes what équipement is needed and what are the costs
Hello is it legal to get a satellite internet in lebanon
I am looking to get a good dedicated connection in lebanon is it available and legal? And if you can provide me with Businesscom Networks prices
satellite internet
will TS2 SPACE services work in lebanon and if they do what options do i have ?
Internet connection
i need a satellite connection 1M dn / 512k up
Internet cost and speed
Hello,i need TS2 SPACE offer for satelite internet in Lebanon. Its for house use,if we have good offer,maybe we can make it to be global partners in Lebanon,and open a company for internet service.
Dear Sir I would like to know if I can pay the fees for one year,what will the amount of YahClick TS2 10GB Best Reguard
buying satsleev hotspot
buying satsleev hotspot
what are the ISP in the gabon
hello Axtel, my name is jaafar from lebanon Middle east lebanon and i am going to conduct my new business in the ISP in gabon so what i want is to know who are the ISP provider which will make me study my competitors in the market. thank you
Request for a quotation
Please i want to check if the services that you provide covers around Lebanon and i need to have more info about your bandwidth ratio and if you have a mobile solution? looking forward to receive these info from you, best regards
Hi sir
How much cost the internet via satellite and it is available for one user
i am interested in YahClick TS2 satellite broadband and looking for one way download broadband in Lebanon,how much are the costs of the bandwidth for about 20 Mbps/unlimited Consumption is about 1 to 2 TerraByte/Month
Dear Sir/madam, I need a 10Mbps upload speed to a server in Germany, can you provide me this service? please send me the prices and details. Thank you.
i can get Skynet Telecom internet speed 30 mb/s in lebanon ?
Service level agreement for internet
Dears, Please I need to know if Vodafone offer Service Level Agreements (SLA) with the following metrics: . Maximum Round Trip latency to Jordan (Orange) in ms . Maximum Round Trip latency to Dubai in ms . Availability % . Packet delivery % . Dedicated circuit speed (% of the offered speed) . Mean Time to Restore Please note that the “Maximum Round Trip latency” is the most important
Service Level Agreement
Please I need to know if Qantsat offer Service Level Agreements (SLA) with the following metrics: • Maximum Round Trip latency to Jordan (Orange) in ms • Maximum Round Trip latency to Dubai in ms • Availability % • Packet delivery % • Dedicated circuit speed (% of the offered speed) • Mean Time to Restore Please note that the “Maximum Round Trip latency” is the most important criteria
Please I need to know if Juch-Tech offer Service Level Agreements (SLA) with the following metrics: • Maximum Round Trip latency to Jordan (Orange) in ms • Maximum Round Trip latency to Dubai in ms • Availability % • Packet delivery % • Dedicated circuit speed (% of the offered speed) • Mean Time to Restore Please note that the “Maximum Round Trip latency” is the most important criteria
VSAT Satellite Services
can you please provide prices for hardware and different options available
sat internet
I'm looking for Businesscom Networks sat internet .. I'm from gcc country .. and I stay in summer in Lebanon from 3-4 months.. but I cant handle the internet her its very slow
Daoud khaoury
YahClick TS2 internet - 2mg - 10gb
Hello I'm from Lebanon, I want to get on the Internet I Sat Down 20 mg how much their price
one way internet via satellite
am using dsl as upload so i need faster download via satellite.what you advice me as a package for internet cafe,for sure it should be unlimited ,so i need to know the speed and the monthly charge please ,thanks in advance....michael
Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network
Satellite Internet Prices
Please I would like to know the prices of TS2 SPACE satellite internet in Lebanon, monthly and installation costs.
internet packages and prices
Hi Could u pls send me the available Businesscom Networks internet packages (speed, capacity for month) with the needed equipement for initial setup and their prices. Hoping prices are better than local suppliers. Thks
one way sat connection
dear all i just want to have a quotation for download satellite service for 200 MBS only only way .bests
I want to ask about internet by satellite
Broadband connection over satellite for home use
TS2 SPACE Request for quotation: - plans available - installation fees - equipment fees
I would like to know how can I benefit from a high speed internet over satellite, and how much would it cost me with the setup cost and the monthly payments. Thank you.
ESA Business School
I would like to get YahClick TS2 internet via satellite around 5MB download and 2.5MB upload.
New customer
Sales team please advise
Dear sir, I am writing to inquire about the internet access service you offer via satellite please note that I live in Beirut, Lebanon and I need a backup internet connection, could you please send me the offers you have for this region and also what hardware do I need to access it I am interested in the iDirect Evolution W6 256 kbit/s 64 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT 3 monthly 10:1 Unlimited Thanks Bilal
2 way internet satellite with public IP
dear Sir i would like a quotation for a 2 way internet satellite with fixed ip, for Lebanon tx
I want to take out a subscription
I want to take out a subscription I live in Lebanon what should I do exactly ???
How much is the ping time between Lebanon and UK servers via your system.
Dear Sir or Madam, I am interested to buy your system if it provides a reasonable ping time between my home in lebanon and my rented server in UK. Regards, Toufic
اريد الخصول على انترنت فضاءي والقطع الازمة
home satellite internet project
i am hassan fayyad i have no access to DSL and the local broadband signal in my area is week and price is overrated so I want to take an offer for home satellite internet. I want dedicated limit and download to be 1mb/second and upload 512kb/second. thanks
internet satalite
I want to run online space what equipment to install online space and what is the cost
regarding high speed internet in lebanon
I am looking for high speed internet in lebanon and i saw ur website. I currently have 5mbps and im looking for sth faster for my home around 10mbps and more reliable than the i currently have. Please contact me with your offers and packages.
40 gb
Need information whether Lebanon is covered in this service
connect to ING internet 2 way satelite service
Dear sir I realise from your website that you have a high speed internet service thru 2 way satellite where the speed can reach 20MBs download and 6 MBs upload. I leave in daraya keserwan in Lebanon and I would like to receive all the information related to this service including cost of equipment's, installation and monthly charges. Best Regards Anis Anis
I need V sat in south Lebanon
I have 100 Costomer and how much will it cost me monthly and new instillation. Best regards
satellite internet
hello . am asking if Ican have satellite internet in Lebanon . because the network here is very week, I need high speed internet in my place and when my friends can share me the worth of the internet
Internet setlite
I want to buy internet setlite like iditect.. I'm in lebanon I need some description about that Thank you
Satellite Internet Access
Hello, I need prices and plans for Internet Link over satellite here in Lebanon, for use in our office for dailly job; Emails, Skype, and web pages. Ibrahim
Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sharon Ghanime from Forelogix (for more info about the company, please visit and am approaching your fine company to inquire on whether you provide the below VSAT services as we are seeking to outsource the same for upcoming business: 1. Installations of Antennas (2.4m and 3.8m) 2. De-installations of Antennas (2.4m and 3.8m) 3. Relocation of Antennas (2.4m and 3.8m) 4. RFI site survey 5. Maintenance call outs: with two options: 4 hours and a full day service; this is for troubleshooting 6. Tools available with engineers: Inclinometer, compass, Adjustable tools, Spectrum Analyzer, Laptops, sealants. If Global TT does extend such a service then please note the importance of below 2 constraints: - SLA must be within 24 hrs - Engineers must be English speakers. Hereunder are the list of countries where we wish to execute deployment: Angola Algeria Congo & DRC Kenya Reunion Iraq Iran Syria Lebanon Scotland
need all info
Of internet by satellite all pack and price Thank you
hi how can i have a personal internet sattelite for my home and what it cost
hi i need internet 8mb in tripoli
Hi please i need internet speed 6 mb or 8 mb i live in tripoli noy beirut . any offer ? And how much the price ? Please iam waiting
Satellite internet connection with a speed of 4 Mgb download
I need a satellite internet connection with a speed of 4 megabytes I live in Beirut and have a house in the mountain I need to know what is required for each location, and what is the cost for installation and monthly subscription rate.
Dear Sirs, I am looking for an unlimited night-time download allowance and a 2 to 5mb/s connection. I live in Beirut, Lebanon. Thanks
I have 100 coustomers
I have 100 coustomers and i want internet to work with decreases rates
Satellite interent
Hello, I am interested in satellite internet. Kindly contact me for details.
interest in your services
I would like to subscribe to one of your services and would like to know how
quotation for 100 Mbps download
dear sir i am interested to have a quotation for 100 Mbps via satellite and details for equipment , thank you best regards
10 Mbit/s 3 Mbit/s Satellite broadband 499 monthly 270 GB / month
usage 30 days annually , is it possible ?
I want your number to activate the satellite internet in Lebanon plz
Satellite Internet Connection
Hello, I am the technical manager at Actel. We have interest in a satellite internet connection for our company in Lebanon. Let me know please how we can touch base? Thanks, Sarkis,
Need more info about the packages you provide in lebanon beirut
Dear all How can i take a package and where can i find the equipments needed , and how much it will cost me in month. Best regards
Satellite internet services for ISP
Dear reader I need a satellite internet service for my start up business as an ISP. please inform me about your offer (including prices) for an unlimited internet access with a ratio about 1:50 with dedicated internet access 2 mb/s for download and upload for each user, and i also have some premium users that need from 4 up to 8 mb/s connection and also inform me about the latency information, and also if static ip supported. Thanks in advance.
1-way satellite internet
Dear Sir, I am interested in a 1-way satellite downlink with a startup plan to start a small wireless ISP (WISP) in a rural area. Can you please let me know what startup plans you are offering? Regards,
become a dealer
can i be a dealer in Lebanon. i can sell satellite services not only in this country.
Hello, is it possible to use your service on equipments other than Hughes ? I have linkstar, and idirect.
Hello, please i need some info about this account YahClick 15360 kbit/s 3072 kbit/s N/A 620.00 unlimited Ratio is : N/A what does it means? shared over how much? and what hardware do i need, linkstar / starlink / or idirect ?
internet quatation
im searching for an offer of oneway internet over satellite , it maybe inclined or fixed can u help?
Are these prices per month ?
Need economic internet for my client
Dears Good Day/Night , I'm Eng. Masri from Lebanon , I have about 150 home users(4 users/home) I need unlimited quota per month /with good browsing speed & economic price , since my area does not have DSL internet provider, only wireless station that are bad. So please if you kindly suport me with satellite internet with good speed and nice prices(20$-40$/monthly) i will thankful Eng. Masri
internet over satelit
only download 15320 Kbit unlimited i need price and sate i can have the connection
CIR bandwidth
Hi, Kindly send me a quotation for 10mbps of CIR download bandwidth. 1-way link only.
satellite internet for the home
I need to recieve information about the available plans for my country, I don't have hardware
Hello there, I hope that you are doing well. I would like to see your A-Z price list for voip, if it is possible. I have a 1000cc switch and would like to work with you in Lebanon.
i wanna ask about the prices in Lebanon that are mentioned are they per month ?
internet required
i have 120 home users(4 users/home) i need unlimited quota per month /with good browsing speed in Lebanon.
Internet in Lebanon
I want a satellite internet since my area does not have DSL internet provider, only wireless station that are bad. So please if you deliver satellite internet with good speed and nice prices(40$-60$/monthly) i will thankful.
YahClick 1024 kbit/s 256 kbit/s 8.00
i am looking for high speed internet at my office in hermel -bekaa lebanon how much this plan will cost me / is it available/setup plus equipment fees/ how can i contact you and where are you located in Lebanon


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