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Internet setlite
I want to buy internet setlite like iditect.. I'm in lebanon I need some description about that Thank you
I need V sat in south Lebanon
I have 100 Costomer and how much will it cost me monthly and new instillation. Best regards
Need more info about the packages you provide in lebanon beirut
Dear all How can i take a package and where can i find the equipments needed , and how much it will cost me in month. Best regards
Need economic internet for my client
Dears Good Day/Night , I'm Eng. Masri from Lebanon , I have about 150 home users(4 users/home) I need unlimited quota per month /with good browsing speed & economic price , since my area does not have DSL internet provider, only wireless station that are bad. So please if you kindly suport me with satellite internet with good speed and nice prices(20$-40$/monthly) i will thankful Eng. Masri
Plz i want to ask abou TS2 SPACE 15Mb/s up and down To lebanon. What is the monthly cost? Thank u.
How much is the ping time between Lebanon and UK servers via your system.
Dear Sir or Madam, I am interested to buy your system if it provides a reasonable ping time between my home in lebanon and my rented server in UK. Regards, Toufic
Dear sir, I am writing to inquire about the internet access service you offer via satellite please note that I live in Beirut, Lebanon and I need a backup internet connection, could you please send me the offers you have for this region and also what hardware do I need to access it I am interested in the iDirect Evolution W6 256 kbit/s 64 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT 3 monthly 10:1 Unlimited Thanks Bilal
Satellite internet connection with a speed of 4 Mgb download
I need a satellite internet connection with a speed of 4 megabytes I live in Beirut and have a house in the mountain I need to know what is required for each location, and what is the cost for installation and monthly subscription rate.
CIR bandwidth
Hi, Kindly send me a quotation for 10mbps of CIR download bandwidth. 1-way link only.
Request of list of prices a High speed satellite internet connection
I would like to know how much TS2 SPACE costs me if I would like to install a satellite internet connection in my office in Lebanon, with a speed of 100Mb/100Mb, unlimited usage and up to 50 users everyday.
اريد نت فضائي كم سعره وكم تكلفه الشهريه
اريد نت فضائي متنقل كم سعره وكم قيمه الاشتراك الشهري تنويه انا جدي وايد الشراء يرجى الرد YahClick TS2

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