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business internet
good day, we are running a textile factory in mapusoe lesotho, we are looking to move away from our current isp, do you do installations in lesotho? if so what does it entail and what do you offer? we are running 7 pc's and 7 smartphones and require a speed of at least 6mbps
Information needed
Hello do Leo provide internet services in Mafeteng? Thanks
Emerald subscription for
How much is it in total to install wifi at my house.?
Internet service needed
Hi. Just moved to lesotho and in need of reliable TS2 SPACE internet connection to work from home. Please advise o options offered at Maseru. Thanks.
Data balance
How do I check my Econet Telecom Lesotho ADSL data balance
Leased line
Good Morning Can you please send me a quote on Econet FTTH leased line for 50mps
VSAT Connection
We are looking for an internet solution to provide additional bandwidth and redundancy for our existing connection. Would like to hear about VSAT Solutions for 10/10 Mbps, unlimited data and fixed IPs
Wifi for a hotel
Good day, I have some inquiry about this satellite wi-fi. We are a small hotel located in Qacha's Nek Lesotho, next to Kwazulu Natala and Eastern Cape. We have about 26 rooms and are currently using an ADSL moderm for wi-fi which does not extent to the rooms at all. I would like to know if you can have a solution for us using satellite? Whereby wi-fi is accessible to all within the hotel compound.
I am a Bsc Computer Science student. I wish to be considered for attachment in Econet organisation.Kind Regards.
vsat connection
I am interested in getting a satellite Internet connection for my school
Space X Satellite pricing
Need quote on that. For personal use.
Isp service
I need you to supply me with Businesscom Networks bandwidth in the Maseru, Lesotho area. Our company is based in johanesburg South Africa , but have branches in Lesotho,
Internet on remote areas
Can Businesscom Networks provide services to our company which is based in Lesotho and what are the procedures to be followed when acquiring such services, mainly i want Internet to my remote area sites which the local ISPs cannot service! Regards Mpapa
to coonnect NSS -12/Arabsat 5C satellite Internet
To be a n internet sever in Lesotho and make other people connect from me
One way internet solutions
Do you by any chance have one way internet solutions? If you do, could you please provide me with a pricelist for your services and solutions.
Internet Satalite
Is there Internet satalite in Lesotho? How much is the monthly charges and installation?
internet cafe and phone
I am applying for a container with four desktop computers,printer, photocopying machine,fax machine and three phones.
inquiries for VSAT broadband Internet
Dear sir/madam I'm at Lesotho southern Africa, i have Idirect 3000 satellite router series,BUC kuband 3watts,lnb kuband and 1.2m kuband VSAT, i'm interesting for using your bandwidth for our customers, so can you help me,thanks. Best regards Clement Tsoanamatsie
inquiries for VSAT broadband Internet
Dear sir/madam I'm at Lesotho southern Africa,i have Idirect 3000 satellite series,BUC kuband 3watts,lnb kuband and 1.2m kuband VSAT, so i'm interesting for using your bandwidth for our customers,can you help me pls thanks. Best regards Clement Tsoanamatsie
inquiry for renewal Idirect 3000 series
Dear sir/madam I'm at Lesotho southern Africa and have equipment for idirect 3000 series,buc 3watts kund and lnb kuband and 1.2m kuband dish can you help me to renewal my equipment, thanks best regards Clement Tsoanamatsie
Quotation request
IDirect 3000 satilite router, PABX, coaxial cable
request for quotation
please quote me C-band parabolic antenna of 2.4m
lesotho contact details
contact details in Lesotho
Cable Modem
Good morning. I just want to inquire if you can sell a second hand/used cable modem preferably Linksys in Lesotho.


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