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Overall, the revenue from the electronic communication services in Luxembourg has gone on and increased fast during the past two years, though the revenue has remained under pressure from the regulatory measures on various such as the interconnection tariffs as well as the roaming charges, as well as the measures on the areas including the interconnection tariffs as well as the roaming charges, and also by the lower consumer use of the fixed-line voice service and by prevalence of the VoIP/ VoBB over the traditional PSTN lines. Together with the fixed substitution, huge growth in the VoIP/VoBB services do mean that this country has among poorest fixed-line densities in the Europe continent.

In the recent years, incumbent telco by the name POST Telecom that was formerly referred as P&T Luxembourg has majorly concentrated on the cloud as well as managed services, and on being able to provide the bundled packages. This company provides 100Mb/s service nationally while footprint of the 1 GB/s service has been making some gains in line with government’s program to offer the 1Gb/s service to all the citizens by the year 2020, and to be able to make this country, to be the first fully fibered country in the Europe continent. 

The investment in the infrastructure has been able to stimulate by ambitions, thought during last 2 years investment in both the fixed line as well as the mobile networks is limited. The high mobile penetration in both the fixed mobile as well as the mobile networks is limited. The high mobile penetration has declined subscriber growth in the mobile market since the year 2005. While the recent law usually requires that the sim cards could be registered can hurt some mobile subscribers for the year 2017 as the network operator’s deactivating the unregistered cards.  Some of the companies that have been mentioned in the report usually include Cegecom, Tango, Telecom Luxembourg, and POST Luxembourg.

Some of the key developments in this report include:
• Report update does include regulator’s market data for the year 2016, the State Statistics Office market data to the year 2016, on December, the telco’s financial as well as the operating data to the Q1 in 2018, with the recent market developments.
• Telenet gets cableco Coditel from the Altice for the 400 Million.
• The POST group reports about 5.6% revenue development in the year 2017, hence reflecting the strength of the broadband as well as the TV offerings. 

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