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Quote: Parts and Installation
I’m looking for a satellite internet provider (IP) that can install a internet communication system on remote island in Micronesia. I need a reliable and quality system with reasonable price. Thank you.
Request Informations
Hello What would be the costs for TS2 SPACE High-speed internet for Guam/Micronesia? Are there any limitations? -like Data Volumes? When is there a way to get unlimited Speed and Data Volumes? What would be the price then? regards Michael
Looking for ways to get a fast reliable TS2 SPACE satellite connection
Satellite internet connection
Personal Juch-Tech Inc. 1 mgb/s for location in Pohnpei. Can you provide service and how much will it cost if you can provide it
Annual price for 100mb
can TS2 SPACE provide 100MB for Pingelap and Mwokil in Pohnpei
Internet infrastructure and service
Hi, Im looking for a company to code me on installing a internet service on a remote island in Chuuk, Micronesia.
SUpport Internet Service Provider Inquiry
Hello Good day. Im here in chuuk Micronesia, can i able to used OneWeb network here? or can u give us any idea about the network you have. Thanks
inquiry on rates
need you rate on the following contention ratio: 50:1 20:1 10:1 5:1 also need rates on equipment and type of equipment, prefer ku or c band
complete system
I will be doing a pilot project in two remote region where no telecommunication infrastructure is in place. I am interested in TS2 SPACE vsat system 10-50 megabits/s. Please send me a quote on 2 complete system and recurring cost. I had some experience with satellite system and I can install them myself.
Employeement Opportunity
Hoping to be Thuraya-IP2 agents in Micronesia. Please email me for resume.
Interested in the service you provide
Dear Sir, I am interested in receiving dependable and affordable OneWeb internet service on the island of Yap Micronesia. Can your company provide a service that will fit my needs? Thank you, David
inquiry on Sun LTE Plan 999
Good day! Kindly send the information regarding the internet plan and please indicate whether such plan can be acquired in my area. Thank you!
Hello, We'd like to inquire on packages available to micronesia, i have seen a 1mbps package with 20:1 FAP is only 240 a month. does this include the leasing/renting of the equipment? if not, please include breakdown on the monthly payments including the leasing or buying option of satellite dish equipment. Regards Aris
I need 24/7 high-speed internet in 96944 Kosrae. Which company provides the best option when the monthly cost shall not exceed USD 200? Where can I get full information? Please get back asap.
VSAT Service for Micronesia
Hello, I am interested in learning more about the availability and price of VSAT options for Micronesia. Best Regards, Katlyn
Satellite C-band VSAT License care in Micronesia
Dear sir. My name is W.S Kang at KTSAT in KOREA. I'm charge of VSAT service. My customer will use VSAT service in Micronesia by using IS-18 satellite transponder. The speed of service is dounlink 1Mbps/Upling 512Kbps at local site(Micronesia) All fecialities(ANT, BUC, LNG, Modem) and Installation, SATCOM LINK is going to be provided from my commpany in Korea. In case of this, Can you provide the license care. If you can provide, Plesase give me the Quoation for 1 year's period. Waiting for your prompt reply. Thanks W.S Kang (+82-10-3071-1966)


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