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كيف يمكنني ادا الفاتورا
كيف يمكني ادا الفاتورا
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN - TS2 SPACE
Home Boradband
I am looking to install good reliable fast fiber optic broadband in my home, Syba Marrakesh I also need to know all that is involved in getting this set up and how much it will cost, also the best monthly packages, i also have a smart TV which i would like to get connected. Thank you
i want net
i want you re TS2 SPACE net
الانترنيت عبر الاقمار الصناعية
السلام عليكم هل يمكنني الاستفادة من خدمة الإنترنت عبر الاقمار الصناعية بالمغرب وشكراً SES4 - Internet over Africa, Europe and Americas
الالياف البصرية
اقطن بقلعة مكونة بالمغرب فهل خدمة انترنيت الالياف البصرية متوفرة وكم ثمنها ؟؟ Inwi Fibre Optique
Hello, I'd like to know the TS2 SPACE prices and how much I should pay per month/year and also if there's an offer I can get a portable device for my car to receive the signal while I'm traveling
some region in morocco havn't internet connection, so TS2 SPACE satellite connectin is the solution
Orange Jordan
Computer Security
We are doing a project in computer security and are looking into prices of satellite connections.
Necesito internet por satélite para enviar paquetes de datos comprimidos desde Sáhara Occidental. Tienen el dispositivo? Tarifas?
besoin d'une liaison sérieuse wifi par satellite , a 15 km est de Marrakech. Disposant actuellement d'une installation satellite déficiente
Wifi Installation and Monthly Cost
Hello, my father is looking to add wifi to his home in Agadir, Morocco. Please let me know how much you charge for TS2 SPACE wifi per month. My name is Shawn, feel free to email me at your earliest convenience.
ADSL Packages
Hello .My name is Hamza I Heared about MTDS internet and I Want to benifet from ADSL SO any information about prices and quantities of the bandwith and time of using ADSL THANKS..
High speed company VPN service
Businesscom Networks Central hospital and regional clinics, administration, etc
we need more information about your service thank you
Internet Service For Hill International
Hello Businesscom Networks, I'm Hossam from Hill International, we are looking for a ISP to provide an internet services (leased line) to our main office in Casablanca we need 4Mbps downloading + 4Mbps uploading dedicated line. please provide us with financial and technical quotation.
Internet Installation
We are inquiring about the average TS2 SPACE cost and procedures, for establishing an up link in the country of Morocco. Including the day to day operations for Vsat operations in the area, for our future establishments.
i need this service
hi i need Baltcom service of internet in morocco
How can I subscribe to your services?
How can I subscribe to AfricaSat-1a C-BAND services? How can I pay you financial dues?
internet by satellite
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN speed down/up 5/2Mb/s 10GB
Request for quote
Hello Could TS2 SPACE please provide quote for Satelitte Internet servuce for Morocco (Marrakech area). Thanks
Price Request
I would like to have a Quantis 2Mbps dedicated link
prix mensuel
prix de l'abonnements TS2 SPACE 100 mo upload and download
Internet par satellite
Pourriez vous m'indiquer quel tarifs vous pouvez proposer pour une connexion satellite au Maroc (download environ 10Mb, upload environ 1Mb). Merci
Hello, I like to know if TS2 SPACE system works in Morocco? what is the price of the subscription? what is the price of the equipment? what is the real flow of internet? thanks and greetings NEWBOX Patrick
provider list
Hello. the country list of provider for Morocco is completely false ! Only 3 providers are allowed to work in Morocco, we are one of them, MarrakSAT, you can reach our website at SatCom are really controled by the National Telecom Agency in Morocco (ANRT) your wrong informations give some trouble to our customers. Please update your listing :-) kind regards
اوريد الانترنيت عبر الاقمار للهثف
ان فرد واحد اوريد انشاء شبكه محليه BusinessCom VSAT
Businesscom Networks Illimité 10 Mb
ADSL Wifi Internet 20 Méga
nete sa7ebo
tekone matewila ma9esira
What are TS2 SPACE priced ?
What are Businesscom Networks prices ?
Modems Viasat Linkstar S2A
Bonjour, Nous sommes un opérateur VSAT au Maroc ( Nous sommes à la recherche de modems VSAT Viasat Linkstar S2A, neufs jamais utilisés.
bonjour. Aucun des fournisseurs de votre liste n'est autorisé au Maroc. Nous le sommes merci de corriger cela. Au Maroc seul les societes agrees par l'ANRT ont le droit d'offrir des services SATCOM.
الانترنيت المجاني
سريع بدون رسوم اضافية
je souhaite profiter de votre connexion
comment puis je profiter de vos TS2 SPACE services ?
maroc telecom
Hi, I would like to know the total cost of the internet via satellite and what are the monthly fees?
Demande de devis de retour internet par sati.
Retour internet par sati. TS2 SPACE 100Mba100Mban NB Prière de me détaillé la modalité de payement s'elle est mensuelle ou annuelle . Merci de votre réponse
إتصل بدون إنترنت
Hello I want to give me some informations for this internet .
je vous aimez car j4ai trouve vous
c'est super pour moi
free internet
salut;i hope to get the free connexion in marrocco
Internet usage for many favorites subjects
installation internet par satellete
bj nous somme une société de réseaux internet e; téléphonique et sécurité électronique intéresser pour la revente de revente de votre produit merci de nous envoyer votre adresse au Maroc ou de nous envoyer le contact de votre représentant
J ai besoin d internet gratuit
Internet gratuit
QANTSAT. Satellite providers
We are a company that PROVIDE and DISTRIBUTE worldwide SATELLITE INTERNET SUPER FAST BROADBAND, NEW GENERATION , at very competitive pricing. We have a wide range of services, as professional internet, Backhaul solutions, back-up services, telemetry and M2M technology solutions, maritime, aeronautical and movability services among others. We are commited to offer the best quality & price solution. Contact us in or in +34911124538
avoir internet par satellite
salut je veux avoir internet via satellite pour ouvrit un cyber dans une rurale au nord de maroc je veux avoir des infomations pour obtenir ce servive
Hello, J want to know how j can have internet with Sattelite, excuse me for my English. Thank you for your response
carte internet
upload download wifi carte memoire internet con omprante
Satelite Internet High Speed
Need to download a lot of google earth images in desert
je voudrai avoir un accée internet gratuit help
internet gratuit
bonjour!, J'ai besoin d'internet mais j'ai pas assez de moyennes pour être abonner c'est pour cela je cherche une méthode efficace de se communiquer avec tant d'amis(es)...
i have a modem viasat mac 00:AO:BC:39:11:B2 and i wante now the provider tank you
Maroc telecom
I would like to know how to be a Fournier of Internet satellite in Morocco
Internet in Marrakech
I live in rabat morrocco and i need internet because the area where i live does not have .i need more information abd how can i contract with your offer thanks
internet connection in the desert
I am located 30kms SE of Erfoud and run a small business where I need reliable internet. I am an absolute novice at technology so need things clearly explained as to what equipment I need, how I get it and how I install it. I would also need to know all the set-up costs and the running costs plus methods of payment. It would be useful to know who I contact if something goes wrong and how it gets fixed! Don;t need heaps of MB- mainly for emails and some browsing for research purposes.
internet par satellite
Je voudrai bien savoir comment s'abonner à internet par satellite au Maroc ;et à quels tarifs
internet gratuit
satellite internet needed, near Agadir
internet gratuit
net by sat
internet via satellite
envoillez wifi
nom said, i need wifi connection
demande un 1
Bonjour je suis responssable it au sein de la ste beladen groupe maroc et Je te contacter pour que vous metier des sateleitte dans tous no projer au marocje veus vos tarif
I need to work from my home and i like to knew about your work
Want to install satellite connection in Morocco
maroc tilocom
satellite service two-way in erfoud, marocco
internet by sat
hello I want to know How can I receive satellite internet here in Morocco with your service Providers thank you
becom a distributor in morocco
hi we are an installator of IT, is there a way to become a distributor of the internet by sat
Internet sur mobile
Tender VSAT
Dear We need your support and quotation to ask the tender bellow "Acquisition et Installation des équipements VSAT pour connexion des agences au Datacenter" Regards
aiscan asesment
I am Antonio J. Francés Samper and I work for Aiscan in Spain. In this moments we are opening a new production plant in Tanger Marocco. I would like to know if it's possible that you offer me internet there. Please i would need an answer ASAP. kind regards Antonio J
Satellite Internet
I am interested in your 30 GB package , however i would need more GB's in a moth. Please advise if extra GB can be purchased and how much it cost.
we just want to know how much will cost us ?? Tooway 10240 kbit/s 6144 kbit/s N/A .00 10 GB/ per month and all the info about the service and equippement
Satellite Broadband internet
Please advise the monthly line rental and equipment cost for Unlimited package Upload min 4mbps download min 10mbps in Tangiers area, Morocco.
J'aime se connected
internet by satelite
Need internet satelite equipement coast
Sattelite internet at home
Hi, We are living in Morocco, Casablanca-Dar Bouazza district We have 3 satellite antenna all directed to Eutelsat 7 degree E for TV broadcast (Digiturk Platform and Nilsat) We have fixed tel line and ADSL service from Maroc Telecom; but speed and connectivity problems We are interested in your package 20 Mbps with 10 or 20 Gb Please send us your authorized service and a quotation for full installation rgds
Does the service has a wifi ?
Satellite dish for Internet Connection
Hi, I live about 20 minutes away from Marrakech and would like to get the satellite dish for the Internet connection.
Hi, we need to provide us by internet satellite for our new project in Marrakech. So we just want to know how much will cost us ?? and all the info about the service and equippement thx.
Peripheral Equipment
Your Toosat 20MB per month offer interests me. What equipment would I need to get, what is the time period of your contract, what signal strength should I expect in the Agadir region of Morocco? Many thanks Pete Hill
satellite internet
Hello I am wanting to instal satellite internet into my riad in morocco and was wanting to know how much it would all cost and how i place an order. thanks sam
10gb par mois in Morocco
interney sat
jhabite a agadir(maroc) et jaimerais avoir un contact pour mabonner au sat merci
Connexion to internet via satelite
I need a connexion to internet via satelite, I'm intersted by your first offer. Please tell me how can I proceed
looking to order internet please tell me about your price in morocco
Sat internet in Essaouira morocco
Hi , I am from germany and have a house in morocco in Essaouira and would like to know what kind of costs should I pay for the sat connection (apart the 40$ monthly) Thank you
Internet par satellite
Nous voudrions équiper une ferme d'une connexion inetrnet. Est-ce que votre solution est opérationnelle au Maroc ? Quelles sont les conditions technique et financières ? Cordialement
Consultation des prix de la solution VSAT
Bonjour, Dans le cadre de l'équipement de ses stations de services par internet, la SDCC (Société de Distribution des Carburants et Combustibles) filiale du groupe SAMIR lance une consultation des prix de la solution VSAT. Nous aurons besoins d'équiper deux (2) stations comme première tranche, pour qu'ensuite passer au reste des stations si tout se passe bien. Je vous prie de m'envoyer un devis détaillé, en tenant compte de la taille de l'opération et des opportunités qui se présenteront dans l'avenir proche. Cordialement.
I need Information about how i can subscribe in morocco and the coverage of your offer.
hello, we are interest to have internet via satellite. please give us price for materiels and how we can have it. thank you
Satellite Service for Morocco
Can you give me a price list for your Internet SAT services to Morocco?
internet via satelliet in marrokko
internet via satelliet in Marokko ,wat heb ik nodig voor het internet via satelliet in marokko met speficatiesen .Wat kost het internet via satelliet in Marokko ?
Order: Satellite Internet in MOROCCO
Hi, I am interrested in your Product Satellite Internet Tooway for a rural Installation in Aoulouz Morocco (Latitude. 30.7°, Longitude. -8.16° , Provaince Taroudant). Tooway 10240 kbit/s 6144 kbit/s N/A .00 10 GB/ per month Best regards Zakaria El Abqari PF 3139, CH-4002 Basel +41 (0)76 583 27 49
Satellite Service Providers
need the contact details of the satellite service providers and a brief information on the satellite market including ongoing projects for satellite networks for Governmental projects, GSM backhaul and commercial networks
Tooway in Morocco
Hi I'm interested in a rural installation two hours west of Marrakech (in Essaouira) to cover low-medium usage broadband and television services. Can you recommend suppliers of kit and subscription details. Many thanks.
Satellite Internet
Hello, I'm from Morocco, and I want a satellite internet. Is there any good offer < per month ? What payment methods you accept ? Regards
Dear Sir. we need to provide us by internet satellite for our new project in BIN SLYMAN kindly advice me by your agent in morocco to connect with them and get your offer. BR Eng. Yasar Sammani
internet via satalite
Please send me the contact details of a satellite provider in Morocco
Beeing a saler ad intaller of sattelite internet
we re a morrocan compny working in telecommunication fields and we wish to be a satelite internet provider ( installation and services saler)
Hi. I would like to know more about your offers of internet for a house in country sidd in morocco. Tools needed. Price and contract duration etc thanks
Hi, We are interested to ressell internet satellite service in Morocco. Please would you make offer ?
Paul Trommetter Sté SRSI
Hi, Please, we try to have offer to resell Internet solution for Morroco. Would you send us best condition ? Best regards
J'aimerai savoir si abonnement internet par satellite est possible au Maroc
need a cooperation
hello we are a company of telecom services we need a cooperation to be your reseller is Morocco thank you
antenne tooways
je voudrai savoir si l'antenne tooways couvre aussi le zones sahariennes marocaine. merci
batterie of R290
We're interesting of batterie of Ericsson R290
Morocco - Internet by sat
Hi, We are interesting by an internet installation by sat type Eutelsat. We are in Marrakech. Could you help us? Many thanks for a quick answer.
Interested on your services
Hello , im from Morocco and i want a Satellite Connexion , so i just want to know how much will cost me !!?? and all the info about the service and thx !


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