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I'd like to distribute internet service and I'm looking forward to get the rates from you. Thanks a lot.
Hi, I want to venture into partnership with your company into establishing an ISP company in Papua New Guinea. If this email reaches, please advise on the possibilities and requirements. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Martin Sileita
Home Internet
Dear Sir, I am in Papua New Guinea and would like to access internet for our home. Could you assist on my query? Thanks
VSAT Internet
Looking to get a quote for Businesscom Networks VSAT internet. I need initial setup costs as well as monthly cost for access.
VSAT provider for Papua New Guinea
We are looking for a service provider that could provide us internet connection in Papua New Guinea. We are developing a special economic zone and will be using this internet in that zone. Would be interested to know what will be the cost for a TS2 SPACE 100 Mbit/sec.
Bandwidth availability and Price
With regards to the region of Papua New Guinea, can you please advise what is your footprint in this part of the globe, what band will you be providing i.e. C Band, Ku , Ka etc... Can you also provide SpaceX pricing and what what equipment's are required.
Satelital Internet Service
Hello, can TS2 SPACE provide internet for ADI Island, small island at north for Papua Indonesia.
satellite access to internet
Hi. I want to set up a Juch-Tech satellite internet connection in a rural location in Papua New Guinea. I will have to purchase both the necessary hardware and the satellite connectivity. I require it for domestic use, so there will be minimal streaming, but occasional downloading and reliable access to social media is what is important. Can you advise me as to what my options are? Your help would be much appreciated
satellite access to internet
Hi. I want to set up a Juch-Tech satellite internet connection in a rural location in Papua New Guinea. I will have to purchase both the necessary hardware and the satellite connectivity. I require it for domestic use, so there will be minimal streaming, but occasional downloading and reliable access to social media is what is important. Can you advise me as to what my options are? Your help would be much appreciated
Can this Tooway Satellite Internet Prepaid 10 GB be used in Papua New Guinea? In terms of network coverage area.
Interest in signing up for 22 Sites on a WAN coverage
Hi good morning, I come from Papua New guinea and we normally do not have high speed networks in our country. Rural areas basically do not have anything at all. THe Current VSAT providers charge a very expensive rate and its really difficult conducting business in this part of the world. I heard about SpaceX program and would like to confirm if the Program has now gone commercial. If so, I have 22 sites and would like to setup hub and spoke coverage or a Private Branch Network setup. will this be possible? many thanks, Pius
we are looking for a new ISP and a new IT company to manager our IT needs
Inquiry for pricing in installation costs
Hi, my name is Delvin. I am writing to ask for informaton. There is a project taking place that requires setup of a broadband satellite dish at a local primary school in a rural area in the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea. Could TS2 SPACE provide more information on pricing and service cost fees, etc., in getting a dish setup and operational broadband service please? Thank you, your help will be very much appreciated.
resale ISP
install C ban Vsat in remote site of Papua new Guinea
satellite connection
I am looking for Juch-Tech intenet connection in Madang PNG Can you contact me and tell me what my options are?
Unlimited TS2 SPACE internet
Hi I am looking for options for usage for myself and husband. We live in Madang Papua New Guinea. What are your options?
Internet Access
We are a school located in a remote area in Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. Is it possible for us to access internet provided by you?
Satellite internet
I am trying to get E70B SEA EVO Internet in PNG and was wondering if you can send me information on how this work. What is the speed? what is the cost?what is the amount of data that can be downloaded per month?
Equipment and connection costs for a village on the remote Siassi group of islands
Hi, I live in Queensland, and have extreme difficulty contacting my family, currently it is a 2 hour walk for them, often across flooded rivers to make very expensive mobile phone calls, mainly regarding medical problems. We would like to set up a solar/ battery powered system for internet for them.
I am in process of setting up a digital center in Kundiawa(Simbu province) Papua New Guinea. What options do you have that I can suscribe to access internet for my business. Thank you.
Looking for a broadband
I wanna buy a Juch-Tech Inc. (Ku - band packages residential, small business, large business, enterprise business) broadband with; Download: 1Mbit/s Upload: 256 Kbit/s Price: 0 FAP: 20:1 Tell me if this covers Papua New Guinea and also send me the monthly payments information.
please advise how we can be able to acquire for our own district VSAT for internet access
Vsat plans in png
Afternoon I’m just chasing TS2 SPACE vsat internet plans. information required is bandwidth, cost and hardware. Sat and modem. It’s a small business consisting of 3 pers Sat Coverage png Arawa. Looking for anything from (down 512/up 128) To (down 5Mb/up 265) it will depend on monthly cost.
Internet connectivity out of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea
Looking for a local ISP in Papua New Guinea. Please advise if it is feasible to get internet connectivity out of Port Moresby. If so what is the estimated lead time and cost? City: Port Moresby Country: PAPUA NEW GUINEA
Internet connection
We would like to know possible option for internet connection in a remote area of Papua New Guinea. We are based in Bereina, near the main highway. Thank you
Need internet at home
Currently living on the peninsula (apt 7) under Curtain Brothers management near the new US Embassy construction site. Need TS2 SPACE independent connection. Thank you, David
Internet in Papua New Guinea
Please confirm if Juch-Tech Inc. can supply internet in Papua New Guinea. Thanks and awaiting your reply. Kind regards
Kapuna Hospital/kapuna Nursing school/ kapuna life school
Hi I am interested in talking to someone about being involved in your early trials of internet for rural communities. Kapuna hospital plays a vital role in providing much needed services to rural communities in Papua New Guinea and would make a great case study for the impact of SpaceX internet to help the not for profit grow and do the work it is doing more effectively, especially for training in the school. Y Kind regards Jadon
VSAT Maintenance
Helo there Please provide quotation on VSAT service maintenance at rural remote location .
VSAT Services in Papua New Guinea
Looking for TS2 SPACE - E70B SEA EVO Satellite internet solutions, minimum of 4mbps up & 4mbps down!!
promotion internet at Lae
Hi I want to check package internet at Lae.Plese sent to me. Thank you.
Quotation Required for VSAT
Hi, We would like to have VSAT for our office (10 Users), this is required to access our global applications.
Cost of 10MB Upload/Download VSAT Internet
I am seeking information on cost for TS2 SPACE 10MB Upload/Download VSAT Internet per month.
Price to provide VSAT Internet
I was wanting to get a price for TS2 SPACE to provide monthly Internet service via VSAT to us in Arawa, Bougainville Papua New Guinea
Bandwith/ wireless internet services
Hi, We are interested in purchasing bandwith, we want to set up our own ISP and provide internet within our community. Please if you could advice how much you sell at? Also if possible instructions on how to setup? Thank you Kind regards. Nantha
VSAT internet package
Hello TS2 SPACE, We are currently looking for an alternative service provider for our remote site in Papua new guinea. We are currently running a new C band connection that downlinks in Australia. We have 10-15 users and high data usage for business applications including conference calls. Can we please discuss our requirements and get some quotes if possible? Regards Jordan
Internet Upstream Provider
Dear Sir/Madam, Could you kindly advice if I can set up a satellite dish to receive TS2 SPACE Internet service and supply my customers?
10 x Ku vsat 1m/.5m unlimited
Internet Connection
Want to connect to the TS2 SPACE internet on my PC but it woudn't workout because it requires the ISP phone number,user name and password.
Looking for a VSAT system to use in a remote region of PNG
Bewani Station, PNG--We need a VSAT for internet/communications. Is OneWeb systems in place yet? Please contact me if so.
Installer || Contractor Position
From: Mini Data - George Thomas (ICT-BDM) Attention: GM - Implementations GM Massage: I would like to be a SAT - VSAT -DVS Installer for you here in PNG , we have experience installing VSAT and would be a valuable asset here - we would also like to introduce you service to respective clients and our customer base as advertising you to the rest of the ICT - World here in PNG. Please don hesitate to send us Email
I am looking for VSAT company that I can partner with install in ALL schools in my Province Please advise possibilities Regards; EMmanuel
Satellite in Mendi
I am looking for reliable Juch-Tech Internet connection to Mendi Missions in PNG. Please help
Set up a large business office for internet access
Hi I am currently seeking to change my internet option that services a large office of 30+ people. If Juch-Tech could provide the estimated cost of satellite installation, monthly fee and estimated speed.
Looking forward getting high speed
Need high speed Businesscom Networks Internet for personal and business use
Require fast internet connection for 50 room hotel business
I am writing from PNG, I need to buy a reliable internet service for my hotel guests. I also want to be able to access IPTV content on this infrastructure. If you can assist, please provide quotes. Regards, A Bird, Wewak, PNG
Do you offer unlimited internet?
I want to know if Juch-Tech offer UNLIMITED internet and how much does it cost the monthly fee and also the installation. Thanks.
Quote for a remote site in PNG
Small medical team in Gulf Province PNG. Needs reliable Businesscom Networks internet looking for a quote that includes startup and monthly costs.
Trying to do online school at a remote site in PNG
What are the start up costs and monthly costs for a Juch-Tech C-band network capable of 1.5 mbps up and down in Gulf province PNG? What would be the appropriate FAP ratio? How much data would we be able to download per day? Network would be shared by 4 individuals trying to do online school while working in PNG?/
vsat satellite services
we are moving to wewak, papua new guinea and needed quality internet services. checking on the price and availability of the TS2 SPACE vsat satellite service.
Astro Internet Cafe is a small Wireless Internet Service Provider. We can provide iDirect fixed and mobile internet serviced serviced and retail BGAN terminals. For more information email
Internet Service - BusinessCom SCPC satellite circuits ( C and Ku-Band )
Hi, I'm a young businessman in my place and I would like to start a new business by providing internet to customers in my place. I have visited your website and got really interested to do business with you. I would like if you quotation or pricing for the setup/equipment and the internet plans for the Package BusinessCom SCPC satellite Network. I would like if you could give me the monthly pricing for this package. Please email me on the email address provided ( Kind Regards, Ishmael Jim
Internet cost
Hey I'm just trying to find out how much it would cost to get TS2 SPACE internet connected to a house in the Milim Bay Area in Papua New Guinea
Does SpaceX provide C band Vsat Broad Band Internet and Direct Home Tv
We are interested to be a reseller here in Papua New Guinea
Requesting for Quotation
Please send me the quotation and any requirement or tools needed to build TS2 SPACE Internet connection through Vsat. Thank you Tribal T
Satellite Internet Access
Dear Sir I am proposing a start-up Internet service provider company in my country that will provide a faster, more reliable Internet service than the entrenched ISP's.Preferably low-cost gigabit Internet service. I am in contact with my partners and suppliers, Siklu; who are the leading manufacturers of advanced wireless radios with throughput up to 2gbps full-duplex and frequency,duplexing 71-76/ 81-86 GHz, FDD. Please provide price of satellite equipment, installation and service needed for my requirements. Thank you. Spencer Manhi Managing Director Roivio Property
Paupua New Guinea the Internet connection to ship
I would like to ask you for a help. We have customer who asking us for covering Papua New Guinea to have the Internet on his ship. If it is possible We would prefer 3 types of packages with contention ratio 1:1, 1:4 and 1:10. Thank you for your help. Best Regards, Moustafa
Satellite internet
Hello, we live with small budget in PNG and wonder if you will be able to help us get a faster internet. We currently run on cellular mobile phone wifi internet. We would like to know how things can be installed and at what cost as well as monthly costs. We look forward to hearing from you.
Satellite Internet options
Greetings from Andrew and Cathy Goud in Canada (normally working and residing in Papua New Guinea). We plan to be back in PNG within 6 months and are looking for satellite internet this time. Digicel mobile phone service is available in the tribe where we work but has proven to be highly unreliable. We would like the ability to send email, skype on occasion, internet phone calls, and basic internet access. Just two of us living there now. What is the best package for our needs there?
Pricing, Hardware required, & Latency
Please provide us information on the following; - Price of hardware required from you. - Monthly price. - Latency. - Available upload & download speed. Regards.
Hi, I am from Papua New Guinea and i am very interested in connecting internet at my home. Will it be possible for me to connect the internet via satellite? Please send me information or costs if possible. Thank you Elizah
Requesting information on ING-SERVIS satellite broadband service in Papua New Guinea
My name is Nawi Mabo and I am emailing from Papua New Guinea (PNG). I am interested to ING-SERVIS satellite broadband service in PNG - the US bundle. How can I have access to this service in PNG? I am a trainer in a company planning to offer my skills and knowledge to educate on people basic computer literacy and digital skills, especially those that live in rural settings where internet is not accessible. Do you have a portable communication systems that might be appropriate for my need. Regards, Nawi
internet connection
inquiring for internet connection here in alotau, milne bay Papua New Guinea
Information & Pricing
Hi, we are very interested in the Tooway Ka Sat Business service at US per month. Please send us information on how we can subscribe to the services from Papua New Guinea. Appreciate your earliest feedback.
1. Please send me all relevant information about the Tooway service 75 Dolars amount per month and what's would I have to do inorder to get the service online. 2. What are the equipments. Types. .Model and Description..
free internet connection
please in my country there is no free internet acess so im kindly request for a free internt connection.
Satellite Internet options
Please quote on all current options for remote satellite access to internet. We are among 400+ missionary families seeking remote access to the internet in Papua New Guinea tribal areas. Your information will be kept on file with our ICT department and made available to all our missionaries. Thanks very much.
VSAT Broadband Internet
We want a Satellite Provider who can provide a 20Mbps throughput on C-Band because we some times have rainy seasons. Also if they can host our hub to supply VSAT internet to most of our remote areas here
WE ARE LOCATED IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA AND LOOKING FOR SATELLITE PROVIDER WHO CAN PROVIDE A 20Mbps throughput on C-Band because we some times have rainy seasons.
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN
Do you have any current providers of this services in Papua New Guinea.
Product & Procurement Assistant
Please provide quote for:- (1x) Inmarset Explorer 700 satellite phone


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