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In recent days, there has been some new submarine cable to offer more enhanced services for Papua New Guinea. Over the last limited number of years, Papua New Guinea has been able to experience some positive GDP growth as well as the government introducing the national strategy. The vision 2050 that has been hoped to further address the long-term infrastructure requirements; with the aim of improving the general living conditions and also be able to maintain economic stability. This country has been guided by the medium-term plan. Papua New Guinea Growth Strategic Plan.

The network deployment costs are very high in the PNG due to low subscriber base, impervious terrain and high portion of population that resides in the rural areas. The fixed telecom infrastructure has been almost the non-existent outside urban areas, hence leaving most of the population being un-serviced. Existing submarine cable infrastructure has not been adequate as well as the internet services being slow and very expensive. The internet access has been to be able to improve, but with 2018 built out of the new submarine cable that is known as Coral Sea Cable System that is going to link the PNG to Solomon Islands, with the connecting cable to Australian Landing station. It will be able to offer increased capacity as well as reliability to reduce the internet cost for the consumers.

Also, the MoU got to establish between APEC and Australia in November of 2018 that will see the growth of the PNG’s internet backbone. There have been the recent enhancement to the mobile infrastructure and with the additional 3G launches and there have the 4G LTE deployment in parts of the urban areas, This is what has resulted in the growth of the mobile broadband sector that took the big leap forward in the last several years in terms of the subscriber growth.

Some of the key developments in this report include:
The significant pricing in the development occurring in Papua New Guinea in the year 2018, September when communication minister rejected the Retail Service Determination recommendation due to the concerns over the social and the economic impact.

Also, it has detailed Coral Sea Cable System which has been under development in the year 2018. In the year 2018, the testing of Pacific-1 satellite started with the planned launch in the year 2019.

Some of the companies mentioned in the report do include Digicel, Bmobile, PNG DataCo and Telikom.

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