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Switzerland has the sophisticated telecom sector and gets to enjoy one of the best and very high broadband penetration rates within European Union as well as among the OECD nations. The competitive mobile market has been served by three network operators and the small number of the MVNOs while broadband market gets to be dominated by the Swisscom and the UPC Switzerland, despite there being a very large number of the small players in the market, very many providing services to the local communities. The UPC has been able to gain scale in recent years by being able to acquire a number of the partner networks while the sunrise in the mid-2018 became the full-service provider adding fiber-based broadband and the pay-TV services to the existing mobile voice as well as the data offers.

Despite not being a member of the European Union, this country’s economic integration has been meant that its telecom market deregulation has gone on and followed EU’s liberation framework, including recent regulations on the international voice roaming. Country benefits from the Universal DSL infrastructure and the expansive cable broadband network, combined with the effective cross-platform competition. DSL sector gets to command about 2/3 of the market in terms of the subscribers. The UPC Switzerland provides the broadband in most cities, and the towns, as well as its extension of about 500Mb/s services, has aided spur broadband to be able to intensify VSDL, FttP and G Fast network rollouts in the bid to be able to remain competitive.

The Swisscom’s well planned infrastructure investment over coming years has been well facilitated by the cooperative deals struck with the regional utility companies. Recently, there has been the focus on the ultra-fast broadband that is defined as the service of at least 100 Mb/s. To the end, the government has been promoting technologies based on the fiber, DOCSIS3.1, LTE, and 5G. By the year 2020, the fixed line network has been expected to be able to deliver close to 100Mb/s to 85 percent of population, while services from the Swisscom and the Sunrise is getting supported by operators closing down the 2G infrastructure and the repurposing spectrum as well as the physical assets for the LTE and in the near future, 5G in use. The mobile market has also been able to benefit from the entry of main, the cableco UPC Switzerland as the MVNO. As the full-service provider, the UPC Switzerland can be able to compete effectively with other key operators.

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