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Of all the previous Soviet republics, Tajikistan’s telecommunication systems were least developed. With the telecom network which was near the total collapse, government had daunting task of being able to bring it up to the modern standards. Well, despite launch of the 4G/ the LTE services, overall telecom sector has progressed to have struggles. Tajikistan has one of the tiniest fixed line penetrations in Asian region as well as one of lowest broadband levels of the broadband penetration. Tajikistan’s mobile sector is on the huge growth path for over the past ten years.

It has continued to stand out in the telecom industry in this country. However, the market has been able to move a bit closer to the saturation phase, there having the inevitable slowing in growth rate. By end of the year 2018, the T-cell claims to have widest and the best 4G coverage in Tajikistan, well having reached the seven major cities plus the several other towns by end of the year 2017. The moderate growth has been predicted over the coming five years to the year 2023. This market is going to be constrained for higher growth as a result of the strong local competition and more maturing market.

There are 5 major operators in this market. They mainly include T-cell, MegaFon, Beeline, TK Mobile and Tacom. The T-cell has largest overall market share, which is followed by the Babilon Mobile, Tacom/Beeline, TK Mobile and the Megafon. VEON has completed the sale of the Tacom, to the local investment partner by the name ZET Mobile Ltd. Well, VEON has looked at the exit from the Tajikistan mobile sector since for a while since, sometime over the concerns at country’s erratic taxation system that had the badly impacted on profitability before the recent years.

The fixed broadband penetration in this country has remained low mainly due to the limited number of the fixed lines and the dominance of mobile platform. The market penetration has only developed marginally over the past last 5 years from a tiny base. In the coming five years to the year, 2023 development has been expected to progress, but the overall market penetration is going to remain low. Tajikistan has been able to see a very strong increase in the Mobile broadband penetration over past four years, but mobile broadband market is well, still at very early stages of growth as well as penetration remains to be low when compared to the other Asian nations.

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