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Satellite Internet
We will be vacationing on Virgin Gorda May 19-26 and have been informed that Wifi at the home we will be renting is spotty at best. My husband is a CPA and needs reliable internet service while we are there.
Residential Satellite Internet
Hoping to connect one or multiple homes located next to each other on the same network. Do TS2 SPACE offer anything residential and not commercial?
im not sure how TS2 SPACE system work. but the people of the virgin islands is in need of a good Internet provider. at the moment i am paying 0 for 4mb per month.. and most of the time it has 2 speeds, slow and stop. smh. it would be great if you can help. i can even help spread the word if the service works. i know many more people here will be interested. look forward to hearing from you soon.
Need Sat Internet service on Virgin Gorda in the BVI
Hello: We are assisting with hurricane relief on Virgin Gorda in the BVI and are headed there this week. Need to know what is best currently operational service for internet strictly for communications and web access, placing orders online etc. No gaming or streaming. Estimating 1 to 2MB upstream and 5 to 10MB downstream will suffice. Would appreciate your input on options available since the hurricane, and estimate of price for the service per month; I am a communications engineer and can do most installs of this sort, so i don't need a tech for the install, but would need to ship all equipment there with basic install instructions. Estimate of price for the equipment FOB Fort Lauderdale, and estimate of monthly subscription and data rates for subscription plan.
Hi, i would like to know what are TS2 SPACE monthly rates for broadband internet access via satellite and how it works (do you provide the satellite dish, do you install it, how much does it cost ?)
need Internet statelite
internet statelite
Dealer In The British Virgin Islands
I am interested in your services, please let me know who is the Dealer in the Br. Virgin Islands. Is the prices quoted on this site guaranteed. I do look forward to hearing back from you.
Is this service available for individual users at an affordable cost, meaning comparable rates and internet speeds to US cable services. Many thanks...


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