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Трафик-512 (Traffic 512)

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Трафик-512 (Traffic 512)


Address: Tashkent, st. A.Kahhara, 33/8 Reference points: the intersection of ul. Nukus and st. A.Kahhara (ex. Factory)

Phone(s): 232-13-04, 252-12-21


Zarejestrowany w następujących krajach: Uzbekistan

Globalnet is an Internet Service Provider that is headquartered in Uzbekistan. Their aim is to deliver latest IT solutions both with Internet access services. Their offer is dedicated to local community and those who starts their businesses. Globalnet for sure will meet even most demanding needs.


Globalnet presents Leased Lines tariff called Traffic 512 with 512 Kbps for speeds. Payment can be made in advance for 1 month. The remaining allowance won’t be transferred for the next month. Cost of 1 MB when you are over the limit is 0.037 USD. Thanks to this option you will have a reliable connectivity over leased lines available across Uzbekistan.



Nazwa Download Upload Rodzaj Cena Płatności FAP
Трафик-512 (Traffic 512) 512 kbit/s 512 kbit/s Linie dzierżawione $92,50 miesięcznie 2000MB