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COL Dial-up

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COL Dial-up

Chittagong Online Limited (COL)

Address: IIUC Tower, 14th Floor, 1700/A,Sk. Mujib Road,Agrabad,Chittagong,Bangladesh

Phone(s): +880 31 717437, 714447, 710391-93


Zarejestrowany w następujących krajach: Bangladesz

Chittagong Online Limited (COL) is an ISP & IPTSP that has a license and operates in Bangladesh. They are delivering Bandwidth, Internet Telephony & other IT related services & solutions. COL is the first E1 Digital ISP for dial-up in Bangladesh and in Chittagong to create a Metro Optical Fiber backbone in Chittagong. It's also the biggest Optical fiber network deliverer and they established 25 POP stations only in Chittagong Metropolitan Area that make available to connect user easily with low cost investment.


COL is delivering dial-up connections using "E1" digital. It’s the best known technology in Bangladesh. COL Dial-up service is the best dialup internet service in the city with Digital E1 connectivity. These solutions make easier to access the Internet from the existing telephone lines. COL deliver high standard support as well as faster speed in COL dial-up IS.



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