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GBS Wimax 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz

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GBS Wimax 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz

Global Broadband Solution DRC


Phone(s): +243 808 808 800


Zarejestrowany w następujących krajach: Republika Demokratyczna Konga

Global Broadband Solution DRC is a subsidiary of GBS, an international communications company offering internet access and voice services in many regions of Africa. The company offers access to fiber internet and satellite internet through own network offering a complete connectivity solution with customer service and technical assistance on the highest possible level.


The GBS Wimax Internet is based on company's own Wireless Local Loops (WLL) placed in Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Kisangani and Matadi. Company offer also creating custom WLLs for customers operating on exclusive frequencies of 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz. More details are available on special request.



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GBS Wimax 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz 1 Mbit/s 256 kbit/s WiMAX $cena na żądanie miesięcznie