Project Sylva Announces New Funding Model to Accelerate Growth

Linux Foundation Europe has unveiled the Sylva Directed Fund, a dedicated funding initiative to support Project Sylva. The fund has already received subscriptions from industry leaders such as Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, Vodafone, Ericsson, Nokia, 6WIND, SUSE, Red Hat, and Equinix. These subscriptions will provide crucial resources for Project Sylva’s mission of developing an open source Telco Cloud Stack that meets EU requirements and can be applied globally.

Sylva aims to address challenges specific to telco and edge use cases within the EU and beyond. Building on existing open source projects like LF Networking’s Anuket and CNCF’s Kubernetes and Cluster API, Sylva provides the necessary implementations and extensions for these use cases.

The Sylva Directed Fund will focus on three key areas:
1. Supporting the development team by procuring necessary licenses, resources, and CI capabilities to accelerate the development of the Sylva Telco Cloud Framework.
2. Supporting the Validation Program and its Validation Centers by acquiring the hardware and services needed for deploying the Sylva Validation Platforms.
3. Enhancing the adoption of Sylva and increasing market awareness by investing in marketing and communication capabilities and enabling the Sylva community’s participation in top events and conferences.

Arpit Joshipura, General Manager of Networking, Edge, and IoT at the Linux Foundation, expressed excitement about the Sylva Directed Fund, emphasizing its importance in the development of an open source Telco Cloud Stack. He believes that with additional resources and collaboration, Sylva will accelerate innovation and reduce complexity and fragmentation in the European telecommunication and edge services landscape.

With the new funding model, Project Sylva aims to overcome challenges in telco and edge use cases within the EU and beyond. To learn more about participating in Project Sylva or the Directed Fund, visit