Richest Billionaires in the Telecom Industry, 2023

As of September 14, 2023, Carlos Slim Helu is the wealthiest person in the telecom industry with a net worth of US$93.1 billion. Following him in second place is Rocco Commisso with $8.0 billion, while Sunil Mittal ranks third with $7.2 billion, and Xavier Niel comes in fourth with $6.3 billion.

Occupying the fifth and sixth spots on the list are Robert Hale Jr, with a net worth of $5.4 billion, and Ananda Krishnan, with a net worth of $5.0 billion. Rakesh Mittal is placed 7th with a net worth of $4.7 billion, followed by Rajan Mittal ($4.7 billion) in the 8th position.

The ninth spot is held by Richard Li with $4.4 billion, and Patrick Drahi takes the 10th place with $4.3 billion in net worth.

Other billionaires in the telecom industry include Yasumitsu Shigeta ($4.1 billion), Shaul Shani ($4.0 billion), Naguib Sawiris ($3.3 billion), John Caudwell ($3.0 billion), Denis O’Brien ($2.7 billion), Taha Mikati ($2.7 billion), Najib Mikati ($2.7 billion), Marcelo Claure ($2.0 billion), Craig McCaw ($2.0 billion), and Vladimir Yevtushenkov ($1.8 billion).

These individuals have amassed significant wealth through their involvement in the telecommunications sector. Their fortunes have been built through successful businesses and investments in the industry.

It is worth noting that these rankings are subject to change as the net worth of billionaires fluctuates based on the performance of their investments and business ventures.