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3G Internet 3GB

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3G Internet 3GB


Address: 03680, Kyiv, Amosova St., 12, Horizon Park Business Center, floor 14

Phone(s): (044) 233-31-31


На учете в следующих странах: Украина

Life :) is a GSM operator. The company was established by Astelit company. They are headquartered in Ukraine in 2005. Now the company is seen as a top player on the ISP's market. They are also the top company in innovations implementation together with development of attractive tariffs and services. life:) was the 1st company that launched its 3G+ network in Ukraine and now it's their top service offered to customers.


Life :) offers 3G+ service which can be used mainly on mobile phones and Smartphones- technical issues depends on phone settings. Tariff is quoted in USD and includes VAT and so called pension fee. Service will be providing data package for 30 days. The volume of this 3GB data package within the service can be used only in Ukraine.



имя Download Upload Тип Цена платежи FAP
3G Internet 3GB 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Мобильный Интернет $4,80 ежемесячно 3GB