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GlasNet’s Internet

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GlasNet’s Internet

GlasNet Ukraine

Address: 14b, Metrologichna Str. Kyiv 03143 UKRAINE

Phone(s): brak


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Glasnet-Ukraine (also known under the name of GLUK) is a public telecommunication network and well known ISP in Ukraine. They provide e-mail services & high speed access to the Internet informational resources. GLUK was established very early - it was the year 1992. They are constantly developing and inventing new services to meet any customer needs.


GlasNet offers Internet connectivity at high speeds, very secure and flexible tariffs both with many options to choose dedicated for home users and also those for business needs. Moreover, you can get not only Internet access options but also e-mail services that you will use for sure.



имя Download Upload Тип Цена платежи FAP
GlasNet’s Internet 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Интернет дома $цена по запросу ежемесячно