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Infocom’s Internet access

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Infocom’s Internet access

Infocom Communication Services

Address: 8, Volodimirska St., Kyiv, 01025, Ukraine

Phone(s): +380(44) 230-52-15


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Infocom was established in 1991 by two telecom partners- Ukrtelekom (Ukrainian telecom deliverer) & Controlware, Germany. Their mission is to become a team of IT and telecom specialists who will deliver a wide scope of telecom services at affordable prices. Their services are dedicated to corporate and end users across Ukraine.


Infocom offers the fastest & easiest way to connect to the Internet with the same options that best meet business and individual needs. High speeds, secure connectivity and dependability are its advantages. Everything now depends on your location as well as technical needs for access to the Internet, but the company for sure will help you to choose the best connection option.



имя Download Upload Тип Цена платежи FAP
Infocom’s Internet access 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Интернет дома $цена по запросу ежемесячно