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Monolit Business Internet Subscription

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Monolit Business Internet Subscription

Monolit Internet ISP

Address: 1/27 bulv. Lihacheva, Kiev Ukraine, 01133, UA

Phone(s): +(380 44) 285-9080


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Monolit-Internet is an ISP in Ukraine. The company was established in 1991. They have a great experience in the provision of: digital leased line "Monolit" (Kiev) - "Demon" (London). They have their own design projects in Internet and Intranet areas, a powerful technology of creating corporate networks. Everything here is based on the original Intranet decisions & standard Internet equipment. They provide a complete scope of Internet and E-mail services.


Monolit Internet ISP offers Business Internet Subscription tariff for of monthly fee. This plan is dedicated for businesses. For all subscription types of Internet access at the same time being used by several PCs with 1 login name is banned. Access is available only at charged time 09:00 and 19:00 and 02:00-09:00 from Monday till Friday. During weekends Internet access is charged as well (00:00-24:00).



имя Download Upload Тип Цена платежи FAP
Monolit Business Internet Subscription 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Аналоговый доступ $20 ежемесячно