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UarNet’s Leased line

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UarNet’s Leased line


Address: Lviv, Svenzizky str. 1

Phone(s): +380 (32) 2956934, 2768405, 2768401


На учете в следующих странах: Украина

UARNet was founded in 1998 to deliver best conditions for state science development thanks to Internet access provision, access for scientific as well as educational organizations to the global informational network, to connect with European scientific information networks, and more. UARNet is 1 of the largest Internet deliverers in Ukraine. they have their own data transmission network. UARNet services are being delivered to meet needs of institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, industrial companies, banks, and others.


UarNet can offer today the leased line or ADSL which permit to get excellent Internet access reaching the maximum speed of 2 Mbps. The leased line service is connecting by using optical lines and separate cable channels. High speeds, stable and secure connectivity – everything should meet your needs.



имя Download Upload Тип Цена платежи FAP
UarNet’s Leased line 2 Mbit/s 128 kbit/s Арендованные линии $цена по запросу ежемесячно