SK Telecom Launches Optimization Solution to Slash Cloud Operating Costs

South Korea’s SK Telecom Co. announced on Monday the launch of an optimization solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that can significantly reduce cloud operating costs by up to 40%. The solution is designed to support the transition from servers based on power-consuming Intel and AMD CPUs to more efficient Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) CPUs.

Currently, the majority of the domestic cloud server market in South Korea relies on Intel and AMD CPUs. However, this new solution, based on AWS’s Graviton server, which utilizes ARM-based CPUs, offers a more power-efficient alternative. According to SK Telecom, previous attempts by some companies to make this conversion were unsuccessful due to compatibility issues and performance challenges.

Over the past year, SK Telecom and its affiliates have been actively transitioning to Graviton-based servers to reduce AWS costs. Approximately 17% of their cloud usage capacity has already been converted, with the company securing a team of experts in Graviton technology and developing its own conversion solutions.

In recognition of their efforts, SK Telecom recently received certification as the country’s sole conversion solution partner from AWS. This certification positions them as the sixth partner in the Asia-Pacific region. The process of converting an app developed on an Intel or AMD platform to one based on Graviton involves three key steps: confirming conversion feasibility, receiving consultation on the conversion process, and conducting implementation.

SK Telecom’s solution simplifies this process by allowing users to easily determine if a conversion is possible and automatically convert specific programs within an app. Initially, the solution will be made available to small and medium-sized businesses as well as startups, as these companies are particularly sensitive to operating costs. To further support adoption, SK Telecom is offering a free trial promotion until the end of the year.

This optimization solution from SK Telecom marks a significant milestone in reducing cloud operating costs and increasing efficiency for businesses in South Korea, ultimately driving greater use of Graviton-based servers.