Insights into South African Online Habits and Customer Support Expectations

The digital revolution has not bypassed South Africa, as more and more South Africans are spending significant amounts of time online. According to a recent report, the average South African now spends over 9 hours per day online, making them the heaviest internet users in the world.

A study conducted by Subtonomy, a leading telecoms technical customer support vendor, provides unique insights into how South Africans are utilizing their online time. The study reveals that 97% of South Africans are using at least one social media platform, 88% are streaming movies or TV shows, and 86% are paying bills or reading news online. Additionally, 74% are using their mobiles for work or video conferencing, 56% are gaming on their handsets, and 28% are controlling smart home applications.

However, despite the increasing reliance on digital services, South Africans are facing connectivity issues. 7 out of 10 South Africans admit to frequently experiencing problems with their network connectivity, highlighting the need for a robust and stable network.

Excellent customer support has become a critical factor for customers when selecting a network provider. South African service providers face the challenge of balancing the load on their networks, which can lead to disruptions in service. Customer support quality is now seen as a key factor for customers in choosing a network provider.

The average South African expects fast, convenient, proactive, and digital customer support. They are only willing to wait a maximum of 5 minutes to access support, expect round-the-clock availability, want to be notified in advance about any planned maintenance, and prefer self-service options through digital channels.

The good news is that fast, convenient, proactive, and digital support is already available and has been successfully implemented in advanced mobile markets. South African service providers are actively working to replicate this experience in order to meet customer expectations, reduce support costs, and deliver a world-class customer experience.

Subtonomy, as a dedicated telecoms vendor for technical customer support, is at the forefront of this customer experience revolution. They blend cutting-edge technology with user-friendly tools to streamline and future-proof telecom operators’ businesses. By providing detailed service experiences and leveraging automation, they aim to enhance every digital touchpoint and shift from reactivity to proactivity in customer support.

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