Arista Networks Chosen as Private Cloud Networking Provider by Spark

Arista Networks, Inc. has been appointed by Spark as the private cloud networking provider for its data centre networking services. This move supports Spark’s recent private telecommunications cloud platform and its 5G network rollout.

The private cloud network will host applications servicing Spark’s mobile voice and data customers, providing flexibility, security, and scalability for software-defined networks and supporting systems. Arista will be utilizing its Arista 7050X switches, Arista 7358X4 series for high-density 100GbE and 400GbE workloads, and Arista 7280R platform for data center interconnectivity. These will be managed through Arista CloudVision, a turnkey solution for network workload arrangement and workflow automation.

Mark Foss, Senior Vice President of Global Operations and Marketing at Arista, expressed excitement about Arista’s contribution to Spark’s 5G deployment programs. He also congratulated Spark for its innovative approach and global leadership in next-generation communications.

Mike Roigard, General Manager Service Operations at Spark New Zealand, emphasized the increasing speeds that Spark’s customers are enjoying due to the rollout of 5G coverage nationwide. He also mentioned that Spark will soon begin building its 5G standalone network to harness the transformative capabilities of 5G, such as low latency and advanced features like network slicing, private networks, and multi-access edge computing.

Roigard further highlighted the potential of 5G in creating new opportunities for business and enterprise customers, including enhanced virtual and augmented reality, industrial automation, real-time video analytics with AI, digital twins, and massive IoT.

In conclusion, Arista Networks will play a crucial role in supporting Spark’s private cloud network and 5G deployment, ensuring that customers benefit from improved services and innovative technologies.