Spectrotel Appoints Christopher Whitaker as GM/Vice President of Mobility

Spectrotel, Inc., a leading integrated communication services provider, has announced Christopher Whitaker as the new GM/Vice President of Mobility. With over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Whitaker has specialized in providing business solutions for channel partners and organizations of various sizes.

Prior to joining Spectrotel, Whitaker held the position of Vice President of Advanced Solutions – Mobility and IoT at Telarus. He led the wireless and Internet of Things initiatives at Telarus and is recognized as an award-winning channel thought leader. Whitaker has also been the host of “The Wireless Way” podcast and has a dedicated YouTube channel aimed at adding value to the channel.

In his new role, Whitaker will be responsible for leading the charge in embracing the limitless potential of mobility at Spectrotel. He believes that the key to success for businesses lies in the power of mobility and aims to redefine the future of enterprise agility and innovation.

Ross Artale, CEO of Spectrotel, expressed confidence in Whitaker’s abilities, highlighting his track record of success and strategic thinking. Artale believes that Whitaker will play a critical role in evolving Spectrotel’s Mobility practice by delivering exceptional service experiences and innovative mobility/IoT solutions for channel partners and their customers.

As a Next Generation Aggregator, Spectrotel is focused on addressing the IT challenges of today and tomorrow. With strong relationships with leading technology providers and a customer-centric approach, Spectrotel aims to provide comprehensive solutions that minimize risk, optimize resources and technology, and modernize the enterprise.

For more information about Spectrotel, visit their website at www.spectrotel.com or connect with them on LinkedIn.