BrnoLogic: A Specialized Startup in FPGA Programmable Logic Technology

BrnoLogic is a Czech startup specializing in FPGA programmable logic technology, which focuses on field programmable integrated circuits that can be reconfigured after manufacturing. With their expertise in this area, they have developed a unique FPGA-based SmartNIC solution called DYNANIC in partnership with top hardware manufacturers such as AMD/Xilinx, BittWare, Silicom, Reflex CES, and PRO Design Europe.

FPGA-based network interface cards (NICs) offer efficient handling of network packet processing tasks, reducing the need for powerful processors. This technology also allows for flexibility in terms of specific tasks and ease of updating or modifying functionality. The emerging era of “SmartNIC” is predicted to reach USD 3.824 billion in 2026, according to research by Gartner and Dell’Oro.

BrnoLogic’s SmartNIC solution can be utilized in various areas such as network security, network monitoring and analysis, cloud computing, and virtualized networking. Their portfolio of FPGA components enables them to cover these cases and more. They have achieved full wire-speed throughput of up to 400 Gbps, in contrast to existing solutions that support at most 100 Gbps. This makes them well-prepared for the increasing adoption of 400 Gbps networks in data centers and telecom operators.

The company’s relationship with the telecom sector is strong, as their main customers are network operators, especially large telecom operators (CSPs), and datacenter or cloud solution providers. Their SmartNIC solution is a perfect fit for the telecom industry, particularly in network security, network infrastructure monitoring and analysis, cloud computing, and virtualized networking.

BrnoLogic’s team members have over 20 years of experience in accelerating network applications using FPGA technology. They have participated in the design and development of successful results that were commercially used by large technology companies and state security forces. The company was founded in 2021 as a university spin-off, and they transferred their FPGA IPs to the company to develop their DYNANIC solution. They aim to offer a complete solution to customers who may not have the knowledge or expertise to deal with FPGAs.

Moving forward, BrnoLogic sees a future where network line speeds continue to increase, from the common 100 Gbps today to even higher speeds of 200 and 400 Gbps. With the growing volume of network traffic and the increasing number of end users, the telecom industry must adapt to these requirements to provide satisfactory services. Additionally, they anticipate the development of new standards for even higher network speeds in the terabit range.