Jetty: Revolutionizing Customer Management for Fibre Retailers

Jetty is a white-label customer management platform designed exclusively for fibre retailers in the UK. It offers a comprehensive solution, leveraging the latest technologies to efficiently and compliantly manage the end-to-end journey of residential fibre customers at scale.

The platform encompasses a range of functionalities, including sales, order and provisioning, customer service, customer communications, billing and payments, contact center technology, hardware logistics, and digital applications. This all-in-one offering enables Altnets and Communication Service Providers to quickly enter the market while ensuring effective and compliant management of their customer base.

Jetty’s unique selling proposition lies in its ability to automate the entire journey of a residential fibre customer, making the process efficient and seamless. By leveraging its expertise in consolidating customer bases, Jetty empowers its clients to scale their business organically or through acquisition.

The team behind Jetty consists of professionals with extensive experience in the telecom industry, ensuring that customer and client satisfaction is at the forefront of every decision. The platform is built around the principles of case management, automating customer journeys and creating frictionless digital experiences. This allows customer service agents to focus on complex cases, thereby improving overall customer service.

Jetty has collaborated closely with its clients to enhance customer experiences and deliver a transformation program that adds significant value to the group. Now, Jetty aims to extend its platform to other fibre retailers, enabling them to transform their customers’ experiences as well.

The company was launched in 2022 through a management buy-out led by Alex Hollingdale, the former Director of Telecoms at OVO. The Jetty board comprises industry experts, including CFO Vinny Casey and VP Steven Ackroyd from OVO and Vertical Aeropace, respectively.

The founding of Jetty was driven by the recognition that manual processes and systems would not suffice as UK Altnets began to scale their operations. By licensing Jetty’s platform as a managed service, fibre retailers can focus on building networks and connecting customers, while benefiting from an efficient and compliant business support system.

Jetty envisions a future that includes expanding its offerings to include mobile, TV, and energy services under its clients’ brands. Additionally, there are opportunities for international expansion into Europe, Africa, Australia, and North America. The company’s success is tied to the success of its clients, as Jetty aims to be the platform of choice for retailers worldwide by enabling their growth with cutting-edge technology and industry expertise.