Optiva Launches AI-Based Personalization for Real-Time Digital Customer Experiences

Optiva Inc., a leader in cloud-native billing, charging, and revenue management software for the telecom industry, has announced the release of its next-generation converged Optiva Charging Engine. This new release features AI-based personalization that enables real-time digital customer experiences.

The upgraded Optiva Charging Engine integrates an Open API gateway, providing support for customer and product management with TM Forum Open APIs. It offers a best-of-breed architecture that automates customer flows throughout the BSS stack, from product creation to smart selling, and includes AI closed-loop feedback for aligning product configurations and customer purchases.

By delivering convergent rating and charging capabilities, the new Optiva Charging Engine empowers telecom operators to create elevated customer offerings and new revenue streams. Key benefits of the platform include AI integration for identifying product and usage behaviors, personalization of products during real-time service usage, ease of integration based on TM Forum APIs, and a Google Analytics-powered data usage repository for customer behavior insights.

Matt Halligan, CTO of Optiva, emphasized the importance of AI personalization in the telecom industry as it moves towards new revenue opportunities. He stated that leveraging AI to continuously personalize the customer experience and attract new customers is vital.

The next-generation Optiva Charging Engine release is designed to meet the expectations of the new generation of consumer and enterprise customers in over 50 countries. It delivers flexibility, immediate adaptation, and prevents the delays associated with legacy platforms. These new features are crucial for meeting current and future market demands while reducing operating expenses through automation.

To learn more about the next-generation converged Optiva Charging Engine, please visit the official website. Optiva also invites telecom innovators to meet at DTW – Ignite in Copenhagen or schedule a meeting to learn more about the release.

Optiva Inc. has been powering the telecom industry with its cloud-native software solutions since 1999. The company’s products are delivered globally on private and public clouds and help service providers maximize digital, 5G, IoT, and emerging market opportunities.