Telecom Installation Audit Initiated in Osun State

The government of Osun State has partnered with Global Transaction Nigeria Limited to enforce compliance with telecommunications infrastructure regulations. The aim is to ensure that installations in the state adhere to the State of Osun Environmental Protection Law 2022. Global Transaction Nigeria Limited has already begun conducting standard control activities in Osun State.

According to the Executive Chairman of Global Transaction, Mr Rotimi George Taylor, the company will ensure that fines and application fees are paid by individuals and companies found to be in breach of regulations. Over the next three months, they aim to generate half a billion naira to contribute to the state.

This appointment reflects the commitment of Governor Demola Jackson Adeleke to protect the environment and the people of Osun State. It also aligns with the goal of increasing internally generated revenue for the state. Global Transaction Nigeria Limited will conduct audits and inspections of existing installations to ensure compliance with regulations. They will enforce contravention against owners and developers who fail to adhere to the guidelines and regulations.

Mr Taylor expressed concern over telecommunications companies evading their financial obligations. He emphasized that the state government, through Global Transaction Nigeria Limited, will take necessary legal measures to ensure compliance. These companies have benefited from the enabling business environment provided by the state and are expected to fulfill their financial responsibilities.

Global Transaction Nigeria Limited aims to generate half a billion naira within the next three months to contribute to the state’s development. This initiative is a significant step towards maintaining the integrity of telecommunications infrastructure and protecting the interests of the people of Osun State.