Orange County Telecommunications and Wireless Companies Experience Increased Headcount

The headcount of Orange County’s telecommunications and wireless companies has risen by 1.4% over the past year. This data comes from the Business Journal’s latest list, which includes the 20 largest companies in the industry. Eight of these companies reported an increase in their workforce compared to the previous year.

One standout change is seen at Cityside Fiber, based in Irvine, which has experienced a remarkable 500% increase in headcount. The company is currently constructing a fiber network that connects data centers to homes and businesses in South Orange County. Cityside Fiber’s CEO, Rod Hanson, attributes the success to the advantages of fiber technology, stating that it offers virtually unlimited speed and data capacity.

Another company witnessing significant growth is Blue Violet Networks. This security and communications specialist, headquartered in Fountain Valley, saw a 17% increase in employment, ranking them at No. 19 on the Business Journal list.

Mobilitie, previously identified as the largest privately held telecommunications infrastructure company in the U.S., has undergone a merger. It has been integrated into Boldyn Networks US, which now holds the No. 11 position on the list with 74 employees. Boldyn Networks plans to invest over $2 billion in various projects.

The four largest companies on the list, including Verizon Communications Inc., T-Mobile USA Inc., AT&T Communications, and Charter Communications, boast a combined workforce of nearly 5,000 employees, accounting for 69% of the total headcount. Verizon, with its 1,600 employees primarily based in Irvine, holds the top position.

Orange County’s telecommunications industry also includes notable companies such as UVNV Inc., which maintains an estimated 497 employees in Costa Mesa, and Lantronix Inc., an Irvine-based computer networking products manufacturer with 60 local employees. Other companies, like CalAmp Corp. and Infinite Electronics, have made slight increases in headcount.

However, some businesses have experienced declines. TCT Mobile Inc., a China-based company previously ranked at No. 15, has halved its headcount to 45 employees in its Irvine office. Additionally, Horizon Communications Technologies and TPx Communications have fallen off the list due to bankruptcy and withdrawal from Orange County, respectively.