MGM International and Caesars Entertainment Allegedly Hacked by Scattered Spider

MGM International and Caesars Entertainment have both reportedly fallen victim to a hacking group known as Scattered Spider, according to four anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg News. Scattered Spider, also recognized as UNC3944, consists of hackers based in the United States and the UK, with a track record of targeting telecommunications and business process outsourcing firms.

The group initiated its attack on Caesars as early as August 27th, with MGM also being targeted. MGM’s systems remained paralyzed for three days, during which Scattered Spider reportedly demanded a ransom. Sources suggest that Scattered Spider may have collaborated with a group called ALPHV during the MGM hack.

Both MGM and Caesars have not yet replied to requests for comment from Reuters. The FBI has confirmed that they are currently investigating the hacking incident at MGM. Moody’s, the rating agency, has warned that this incident may have a negative impact on MGM’s credit rating.