Tiny Desk Korea: Live Performance by V from BTS

In Seoul, South Korea, a production crew was getting ready for a special concert by Tiny Desk Korea, a new series launched in partnership with NPR and LG U+. The event featured V from BTS, who was about to release his new album, Layover, and perform the songs live for the first time.

The concert began with “Love Me Again,” a catchy and steamy song with Korean lyrics that evoke feelings of regret and loss. V continued the romantic mood with the uptempo R&B vibes of “Slow Dancing,” and before the final tune, “For Us,” he expressed in Korean that these songs offer a sense of fleeting tranquility and soothing pause.

This concert is part of the newly launched international version of Tiny Desk, with episodes available on the Tiny Desk Korea YouTube channel. The series will unveil a new video every Thursday, featuring a diverse range of artists such as the Kim Chang Wan Band, Sunwoo Jung-A, and the Yoon Suk Cheol Trio.

The musicians who accompanied V in this performance included Blake Straus on guitar, Brett White on keys, Pete Jonas on bass, Destin Johnson on drums, Jacob Scesney on saxophone, and vocals by Iyanu Anderson, Trudi Henderson, and Jewaun Word.

The Tiny Desk Korea team, led by Executive Producer DJ Lee, worked alongside VP of Visuals and Music Sangjin Lee to bring this concert to life. The creative producers, Soyeon Kang and Heewon Kim, and the rest of the team ensured a seamless production.

As Tiny Desk Korea continues to showcase talented artists, they are bridging the gap between cultures and bringing unique performances to audiences worldwide.