Satellite Hospital in Jaipur Falls Short of Government Promises

The government-run Satellite Hospital in Jaipur, located on MD Road, was announced as a 150-bed facility in the state budget for 2023-24. However, the hospital currently lacks essential facilities such as an ICU, a labor room, and a medicine specialist. It only has two small rooms with less than 50 beds for patients.

This situation highlights the stark contrast between the state government’s promises and the actual conditions on the ground. Despite the initial announcement in the budget, the necessary funds were not released to run a 50-bed hospital. Now, with the conversion into a 150-bed facility, people had hoped for improvements, but they have been left disappointed.

Patients visiting the hospital express their dissatisfaction, stating that the promised facilities are not available. The absence of a medicine specialist and the failure to upgrade treatment facilities have caused frustration among patients. Additionally, there is no ICU for patients in critical condition, although the hospital does have an emergency facility operating 24/7.

During a recent visit to the hospital, it was observed that the basement was locked and used for storage, while the first floor was occupied by office space. As a result, the hospital is confined to two small rooms on the ground floor, one serving as a male ward and the other as a female ward. Due to space constraints, it is challenging to accommodate even 50 beds in these wards, necessitating the need for additional space.

Furthermore, the hospital lacks a labor room, which means pregnant women have to seek alternative government hospitals for childbirth. Although the hospital has X-ray and sonography facilities, it does not have CT-MRI capabilities, and blood is not readily available on-site. There are two operation theaters, one dedicated to eye surgery and the other for general surgery.

While there are approximately 40 doctors working at the hospital, there is a shortage of nurses, with only 26 currently employed. These deficiencies contribute to the inadequate services provided by the Satellite Hospital in Jaipur.